Android 7.0 on Galaxy S6 Edge – Three things I love about Nougat

Nougat began rolling out to Nexus devices and the Pixel C on 23rd of August 2016. Since then I was so excited about the new Android 7.0 update. Though Samsung has already introduced the all new Galaxy S8, still there are people who use previous Galaxy S versions, like me. 😎 I have a Galaxy S6 Edge and was waiting for Nougat to show up in the Software Update. At last, Samsung rolled out Android 7.0 to the Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) and the Galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925I) in India in April 2017. I updated my phone to Android 7.0 recently. And here is what it looks like.

Screenshot_20170520-094202    Screenshot_20170520-094139

Screenshot_20170520-094745    Screenshot_20170520-094657

Let’s see what caught my eye in this new update. 😉

Blue Light Filter


I use my phone a lot during the night and my mother always scolds me for its bright light. This feature can save me now. The Blue Light Filter feature is introduced to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from the phone’s screen.

New Camera Interface


With the new Nougat update, the camera interface has got an all new look and feel. Very useful gestures have been incorporated to the new interface.

Screenshot_20170520-100623 Screenshot_20170520-100605

By swiping up or down you can easily switch between the rear and front-facing cameras. By swiping from the left of the screen to your right, you can switch to select different camera modes and by swiping to the right of the screen to your left, you can select different filters.

Improved Security


The new update allows you to scan your device from the Device Security menu and provides you the option to install MyKnox app which provides the all new Samsung Pass feature.


That’s it about Nougat on my Galaxy S6 Edge. Waiting for the next android update.

Cheers… 😀

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