• Bioinformatics
  • Metagenomics
  • Data Mining and Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Software Architecture


MetaCoAG: Binning Metagenomic Contigs via Composition, Coverage and Assembly Graphs

  • MetaCoAG is a NGS data-based metagenomic contig binning tool that makes use of the connectivity information found in assembly graphs, apart from the composition and coverage information.
  • MetaCoAG makes use of single-copy marker genes along with a graph matching technique and a label propagation technique to bin contigs.
  • Technologies used: Python 3
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GraphBin2: Refined and Overlapped Binning of Metagenomic Contigs Using Assembly Graphs

GraphBin: Refined Binning of Metagenomic Contigs using Assembly Graphs

  • GraphBin is a metagenomic contig binning tool that makes use of the contig connectivity information from the assembly graph to bin contigs.
  • It utilizes the binning result of an existing binning tool and a label propagation algorithm to correct mis-binned contigs and predict the labels of contigs that are discarded due to the short length.
  • Technologies used: Python 3
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Pipeline Monitor

  • A scheduler to execute and run a pipeline of commands in a supercomputing facility.
  • The program can schedule a graph-like execution sequence.
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An Interactive Workflow Solution to Support Bioinformatics Analyses

  • A generic software framework that can be used to construct bioinformatics workflows by both biologists and bioinformaticians with any level of programming expertise.
  • This framework incorporates novel web application development technologies to support specific requirements of bioinformatics software for workflow creation.
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Change Detection in Distributed Digital Collections

  • An efficient change detection and notification system to track changes occurring in web pages and notify interested users.
  • Final Year Project carried out for the completion of the degree BSc. Engineering (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Technologies used include Java,, Jsoup, AngularJS, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL

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